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Land Reclamation
No 46 (1)

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AGNIESZKA HEJDUK, LESZEK HEJDUK:Thermal and snow conditions of winters and winter floods on example of Zagożdżonka River

JERZY MIROSŁAW KUPIEC: Estimation of selected agri-environmental indicators in farms ocated in direct influence zone on Natura 2000 area Dąbrowy Krotoszyńskie (PLH300002)

JOANNA FRONCZYK, KATARZYNA PAWLUK: Hydraulic performance of zero-valent iron and nano-sized zero-valent iron permeable reactive barriers - laboratory test

FILIP BUJAKOWSKI, TOMASZ FALKOWSKI, GRZEGORZ WIERZBICKI, KORNELIA ŻUKOWSKA: Using hydrodynamic modelling to assess the impact of the evelopment on hydrogeological conditions in a polygenic river valley marginal zone

AGNIESZKA KARCZMARCZYK, AGNIESZKA BUS: Testing of reactive materials for phosphorus removal from water and wastewater - comparative study

MILENA TRUBA, RYSZARD OLESZCZUK: An analysis of some basic chemical and physical properties of drained fen peat and moorsh soil layers

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